I'm an IT consultant primarily doing web and collaboration infrastructure stuff. Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, IIS/ASP.NET web applications, databases and the LAMP stack get me out of bed in the morning. I have a strong interest in the technologies that underpin them too; virtualisation, storage, and networks all float my boat. I live in Metro Vancouver, Canada, having emigrated from Scotland where I cut my IT teeth working in the energy industry.

I enjoy using technology to solve problems. But you can't solve human problems with technical solutions, and sometimes the human problems are the most interesting ones to fix. I like helping with that, too.

I'm a lazy CLI guy and get a kick out of automating things, so I'm a huge Powershell advocate. My morning coffee is made by a shell script (really).

Other things I find interesting include cryptography, Internet architecture and governance, online and offline privacy/anonymity, and typography. I have a pilot's license, and in my spare time (and when the weather is good enough) I like to go flying in the Lower Mainland's beautiful surroundings.

Other than aviation, my great love of the moment is home automation, through which I manage to consistently annoy my family members with light switches that don't behave properly.


My email address is 6059410188. If it's work related you can also contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

If you're into the whole crypto thing, I have a Keybase profile here. I'm happy to receive PGP-secured mail, or you can use their new IM functionality. If you have my mobile number, I'm also on 7877904705.